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Summer Camp

We offer an extraordinary Summer Camp Experience for our children. Parents in the School Age and FDK programs are able to choose the weeks they would like to attend, while preschoolers attend daily. Each year we make informed decisions about the topics we will explore in consultation with the children.


Past topics include, The Rainforest, Oceans Alive, Greek Mythology, Around the World in 8 weeks and many, many more. School Age and FDK programs have two outside trips scheduled weekly and at least one expert visitor comes to share stories, activities and endless possibilities for exploration. It’s a camp like no other, run by experienced, enthusiastic RECE’s! Join Us!

This year due to COVID, our Summer Camp will be limited to 7 children/class and no children from outside of our enrolment will be permitted to attend. This year summer camp schedules will not include trips or visitors to ensure no contact with persons outside of our cohorts.

We look forward to next year and will post new schedules in the late Fall of 2021!

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